‘A Journey Through Modern Foundations: Re-imagining Modernity in the Work of Photolanguage’, Design Ecologies, vol. 7, 2018, pp. 22-46.

Commissioned by Shaun Murray for the edition theme of ‘Radical Foundations’, this was a peer reviewed article, reflecting on aspects of our work for the exhibition project East Sussex Modern, as an example of arts-based research practice. It focused on our use of archival drawings of the foundations of the Hasting sea front by the modernist engineer and town planner Sidney Little in the 1920s, as a starting point for a journey across the sites of modern architecture and infrastructure within the region: ‘As a journey back through the work it affects a certain reconfiguration of the sequence of the work’s original evolution. It discovers and explores associations and resemblances both active and latent in the original phase of work. In this sense, the article pursues a conception of research as, to borrow the words of Rolf Hughes, “another form of architectonic practice”, as it seeks to clarify and evolve the initial performance of the work as a creative and critical inquiry’ (p. 24).


For a full version of the essay see: https://discovery.ucl.ac.uk/id/eprint/10057323/

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