‘Bristol Fashion’, Photolanguage’s building report on a house in Bristol by Warren & Mosley, The Architects’ Journal, 31|10|02, pp. 22-7 (cover image).

This was Photolanguage’s first building report for The Architects’ Journal, commissioned by Andrew Mead for a special edition on art and architecture. The article documents the private house of artist/ architect collaboration Sophie Warren and Jonathan Mosley, emphasising the links between their art practice and the design of the new house through notions of time and process. We wrote of the mirror structure on the front facade: ‘The structure is reminiscent of the internal mirror mechanism of a camera, creating the suggestion that the house is one enormous recording device, its shutter always open, constantly exposing its interior to the past tense of the photographic image. Warren comments, ‘The view of the street reflected in the mirror objectifies an experience you have just had – the physical experience of walking through the city is now experienced as a purely visual one, where time appears rooted in the past and seamless’ (p. 27).




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