‘Churches of the Reconstruction: The Post War Architecture of Calais’, Church Building, Issue 67, Jan/Feb 2001, pp. 10-4

Following our exhibitions and catalogue on the post war reconstruction of Calais we published this article dedicated to the modern churches of the wider Calais agglomeration. The article emphasises the eclectic and hybrid nature of architectural expression within the concrete, modern church, including Maurice Suaudeau’s church at Marck (1961) and Gondolo and Berrier’s church at Blériot-Plage: ‘Suaudeau’s building replaced a fifteenth century church destroyed by German soldiers in 1944. It is a tightly articulated architectural thesis on the local church’s dual role as a place of worship and defence […] Its separate baptistery and open bell tower is reminiscent of coastal defence observation towers and its telescopic extension skyward makes it look capable of accommodating a missile launch’ (p. 12).

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