La Revue Générale Brutaliste

Editions, special supplements and editorial notes.


S p i n o z a  a n d  t h e  N e w   C o l l e c t i v e  A g r e e m e n t

Gailhoustet: a Unité for Insurrection.

Brutal botany in the piloti of abstraction. Circulatory vessels and a sonic traveller.


U N E S C O  ( v i e w s  f r o m  t h e  p e r i m e t e r )  1 9 5 8

Storm gulley and the wood yard.


N a v i g a t o r s  o f  C o m p l e x i t y  1 9 7 2

Renaudie and Gailhoustet, the reconstruction of Ivry. Difference, here, now: the new geometries of everyday life.

Invocation of the ghost of Artaud. Triangulation of the gaze.


M A R S  1 9 7 4

Front de Seine. Research among the brutal bases of Îlot Cassiopée.

Western winds on the podium of the future.


S u p p l e m e n t :  F o u n d  O b j e c t s

Speculative research: origins, models, prototypes and archetypes.


T h e  O f f i c e  o f  N e g a t i o n  1 9 7 4

Parent, Remondet and the flesh of architecture.

Façade of mutilation. A concrete barrier against crap and pee-pee in rue Mouzaїa, Paris 19ᵉ.


S u p p l e m e n t :  B r u t a l  G a r d e n s

The municipal workers of the 10th arrondisement and Courbevoie.

Rat and ivy garden. Sub-footbridge gardens and the Nanterre Tunnel.


R u s t i c a t i o n  i n  t h e  A t o m i c  A g e  1 9 7 4

Bobigny Phase 2. Brutal crusts of the grande surface.

Life in the folds.


B o u r s e :  T h e  W o r k  o f  M u t a t i o n  1 9 7 6

Niemeyer in Bobigny and the New Civic Axis.

‘Get Out! … The heavy stench of treason.’


G a m e s  o f  t h e  T e r r a c e s  1 9 7 8

Folliason and the public spaces of the vertical city.

Disembarkation of the remains of Napoleon. An alternative tomb.

A version of these texts were presented in French in an exhibition at the mediathèque of the Institut Français, South Kensington, London, May-June 2017 and the Bartlett Foyer Gallery, November, 2019.

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