‘Life in the Oblique: The Interiors of Iwona Buczkowska’, World of Interiors, 1 Feb 2023 (online)

Following the publication of our book Brutalist Paris we were commissioned by World of Interiors to develop a short article on the office and apartment interiors of the Cité Les Longs Sillons (1986), Ivry-sur-Seine, by architect Iwona Buczkowska. The article describes the effect of the oblique geometries of Buczkowska’s design to consider the brutalist interior as one resonant with issues of societal connection and care, intimacy and the hand-made:

“ … the inclines in the apartments on the first floor (effectively a splinter of space which crosses from first to ground floor) create often creatively inhabited, stepped spaces for repose, display or children’s play. Here, the oblique design creates a supplementary space, or spatial gift, as the incline is not included within the calculation of the space for rent …”

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