Rewiring Brutalism: Return to the Architectural Futures of Musique Concrète, Barbican Centre

Responding to the Barbican Centre Hub Space curatorial theme of ‘Life Rewired’ (August-September,2019), Photolanguage presented new work on the architecture of Jean Renaudie and Renée Gailhoustet, in a re-exploration of their work as examples of the advanced spatial thinking of Brutalist Paris. The work was presented as cabinet-based archives of photographs, found library index cards, drawings, notations and screen-based projections.

We also invited the sound artists Iain Chambers and Robert Worby of the Langham Research Centre to respond to the public threshold spaces of these and other architectures from the Brutalist Map of Paris through the production of the new sonic composition and performance, Return to the Architectural Futures of Musique Concrète.

Supported by the Barbican Centre, The Langham Research Centre, The Bartlett School of Architecture


Rewiring Brutalism, Barbican Centre Hub Space.



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