Robin Wilson, ‘Gone to Waste’ (a reflection on the plant and landscape photography of Nigel Green), The Architects’ Journal, 19|02|2004, pp. 38-41.

Commissioned by Andrew Mead for an edition of The Architects’ Journal on landscape practice, this article reflects on the presence of plant forms in Nigel Green’s landscape and urban photography, also an important theme within the image-text practice of Photolanguage. The article compares Green’s depiction of plants alongside examples from 20th century photography and literature, such as the work of Paul Nash, André Breton and Aldous Huxley: ‘There is a sense of alien menace to some of Green’s plant forms which, like the best creations of science-fiction, derives not from out-and-out fantasy but a skilful shift in the angle of perception of the everyday’ (p. 39).

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