‘Stereoscopic Duplication. Or, The Games of Spillepeng and Its Definitions’, P.E.A.R. Magazine, Issue no. 1, 2009 (4 pages).

Commissioned by Matthew Butcher and Gian Luca Amadei for the first edition of P.E.A.R. (Paper for Emerging Architectural Research), on the theme of ‘Copy and Duplication’, this article reflected back on our use of stereoscopic photography within the arts-based research project Land Use Poetics: ‘The photographs were taken in the land-fill landscape of Spillepeng, the municipal garbage dump of Malmö. Spillepeng is effectively a new earthwork peninsula built on refuse, projecting into the Baltic sea. The growth of Spillepeng has been so rapid that contemporary maps do not record it. In a conversation with researchers from the university of Malmö we were informed that Spillepeng means the ‘counter’ or ‘marker’ in a game, such as the counters or pieces in chess […]’.

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